Dirty Maryan
Welcoming my new toilet slave
Welcoming my new toilet slave

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Here you are, my new toilet slave. Ready to eat my waste? I really have the urge to shit right now. But first I wanted to have a little talk with you. I will probably be the first and only time I’ll talk to you, cause after all… you are just a toilet.

I’ll tell you about my rules and what’s gonna happen in your new life as a toilet. Remember that you agreed to be my toilet. There is no turning back! You are a human toilet for life!

I am ready to empty my bowels right in your wide opened mouth, on your nasty face! I’m constipated and you can hear me moan as I push. It’s my first poop in 9 days! My asshole is burning so bad! Use your tongue to make me forget the pain and lick me clean! Put your tongue inside to check if there is still something there.

I almost want you to fail as a human toilet because I would love to beat the shit out of you! Now eat all my delicious shit! You will only eat my shit and drink my piss from now on!

*Close-up of my poop at the end of the video.