Lady Bunt
Shitting on toilet and making you lick my asshole
Shitting on toilet and making you lick my asshole

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I sit down on the toilet and take a big and satisfying shit. You can hear me moan as I push a nice hard log out of my asshole and then I moan of relief after I’m done pooping. You can see my shit fall in the toilet and hear the plop. I then show you the same shit coming out from a second camera angle. In this other angle you can see my asshole better while I am pooping.

I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper. I stand up and spread my ass cheeks. I make you worship and lick my dirty asshole. “Sniff! Stick your tongue out and clean my ass! (…) Next time I wish I have diarrhea on your face!” When I get tired of your stupid face I tell you to fuck off!

*Please note that this pooping scene is featured in the video “Giantess Vore Eating and Pooping you”, in case you already have this video.