Lady Bunt
Shitting for you
Shitting for you

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(Custom video) You are one of my Canadian fans and you had the great idea to order my poop. You just had one request: you want me to tell you everything I ate before I get to poop. So I will tell you about everything I put in my belly for the last days. (If you are not interested by this part, skip to the 6 min mark.)

Not that I told you everything I ate, I’m gonna go ahead and put my ass in front of you. I want to produce a nice piece of shit just for you! Ohhh… I feel my shit is coming!! I push some more… hmm it feels so good to empty my asshole!

Now let me show you my poop from a closer angle! I describe the texture of my log: there is a hard lumpy part and a softer part. You are so lucky you will get to experience my poop! Touch it, smell it, lick it, swallow it… you can do whatever you want with my poop, cause very soon it will be yours!!

In the next scene I am lying on the floor with my legs and ass facing you. You are so excited, you have my poop package in your hands right now. You have been dreaming about this day for so long, and now it’s real!! What are you waiting for… open the package!! That delicious poop came from my ass! Do you like the smell? Your dick is already rock hard! Take a small piece in your hands, stick it in your mouth! Start stroking your dick as you suck on my poop. You will jerk until you cum!! The smell is all over the room, it is overpowering! I love knowing that you jerk with my poop in your hands, in your mouth, on your body!! I want you to blow your load for me!!

Extra scene: I film myself while I vacuum seal my poop for you.