Dirty Maryan
Pooping and showing texture of my shit close-up
Pooping and showing texture of my shit close-up

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I poop my ass facing you on the floor. You can see my asshole opening and a hard log coming out. In the next scene I am filming my shit from a closer angle with my HD camera. You can see all the details of my poop. I show you the bigger piece first. I turn it over, then take it in my hands and show my poop in every angles. I take the hard knobbly piece of shit in my hands. I take it appart. I squash little pieces of shit with my fingers. You can really see the difference of texture between the different pieces of shit that came out from my ass.

*Please note that this pooping scene was included in the video “Humiliation & JOI for Aspiring Human Toilet”, in case you already have that video.