Dirty Maryan
Pooping And Cutting Poop in Half with Close-Ups
Pooping And Cutting Poop in Half with Close-Ups

Video-Length: 9m 20s
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(Please note: This is a shorter version of the clip “Pooping for Foot Fetish Scat slave” without the foot fetish aspect.)

I am laying on my back, ass spread and start pooping. I was constipated and you can hear me as I push because I had a hard time to make this poop come out! Poop is long and hard (Type 3 Bristol chart). You can hear me moan with satisfaction after the poop is finally out of me! You can also see some creamy pussy juice running down to my asshole. I show my asshole and do some gaping after pooping. Then I show you my poop in many angles. I cut my poop in half with a tool and show you the inside of the poop.