Lady Bunt
Pooping 2 times POV Episode 6 Dirty asshole
Pooping 2 times POV Episode 6 Dirty asshole

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In the first scene I spread my ass and poop on a plate. Then I show you my poop in a closer angle. You can see all the details with my HD camera and the beautiful daylight. Then I show you my dirty asshole very close to the camera. I push again cause I feel my asshole is not completely empty. Only a tiny tiny bit of shit comes out, so I decide to put a finger in my butthole, it comes out very dirty.

In the second scene I am sitting on the toilet. I spread my ass so you can see my poop coming out. A long log comes out. Then I take a pee. My asshole is really dirty. Some pussy juicedrips from my pussy. I wipe my ass and show you the dirty toilet paper. I spread my ass even more and my asshole is still covered with shit. I show you my shit in the toilet bowl and zoom in. Then I flush the toilet.