Lady Bunt
Pooping 2 times and putting finger in asshole
Pooping 2 times and putting finger in asshole

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In the first scene I shit my ass facing you in my bathroom. A nice thick log comes out from my asshole and then I have to piss. I take my ass cheeks and spread them up, showing you my asshole. I stick a finger inside my asshole and show you my dirty finger. I repeat the process one more time, my finger is still dirty. I show you my poop from a closer angle so you can appreciate all the details of what just came out from my ass.

In the second scene I squat over a plate facing you. I take a shit in the plate and then pee in a plastic container. I wipe my ass and show you the toilet paper. I go on the floor and show you my swollen asshole and strain my butthole. A little bit of shit comes out. I stick a finger in my ass. I love the feeling of my finger in my ass when I just pooped! I wipe my ass again and show you the dirty paper. Then show you my shit close-up and at the end put my hand next to it so you can have an idea of its size.