Lady Bunt
Mistress with thigh high leather boots pooping for you
Mistress with thigh high leather boots pooping for you

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Custom clip order - I was specifically asked to remain silent in this video.

I walk into the room and look at you. I model my thigh high leather boots for you by walking around the room and taking different positions. I tease you by lifting up my leather skirt and I take off my panties. Then I squat down on the floor and touch my boots again. I’m ready to poop! I push hard and moan with pleasure at it comes out. I feel my ass is not empty so I stick a finger inside and get another piece of poop out. I show you my dirty finger. I put my finger in my ass for a second time. I then point my finger at you and tease you. I know you want to have a taste of my shit!

I stand up and walk into the room again, cause I know how much you like watching me wearing those sexy leather boots. I tease you with my ass and spread my ass cheeks to show you my dirty asshole. I take a last look at you… my miserable slave! Then I walk out of the room, leaving you alone with my shit!

*There is an alternate version of this video available in which I am talking to you: Mistress with boots welcomes her new toilet slave
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