Lady Bunt
Itchy Dirty Hanes socks and Gas
Itchy Dirty Hanes socks and Gas

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(Custom video) I am laying on the couch on my side in sneakers and dirty white hanes socks, watching tv. My feet itch! I kick off my shoes… I hate catching athletes foot all the time! It never goes away! My feet are sooo sweaty! *farts* Ohhh… I am so gassy too!

What are you staring at? My nasty socks? Really? And you love when I fart too? You like my nasty sweaty socks? Gross! I have worn these socks for 8 days! You are weird! I got athletes foot... Go away!!!

I keep scratching, especially in between my toes. Really? Your still here? Can't take your eyes off my feet? Even after I said I got athletes foot… Ohhh… It never stops! It’s so itchy!! *scratching my toes*

So you got a foot fetish huh? What size are my feet? Size 11! Want me to cover your face with my fungus socks! That’s disgusting! Well i see you are aroused! Want to stroke to my athletes feet? Can you sniff my socks? Serious? You know I got athletes foot, right? I have some gas too… *farts* I am so gross!

Oh well… Whatever... I don't care! Do whatever you want! Enjoy those nasty ass socks. Just… don’t make too much noise, ok?

*laugh, scratch your feet once in a while and keep watching tv*

(3 audible farts in the video)