Dirty Maryan
Giantess Vore Eating and Pooping you
Giantess Vore Eating and Pooping you

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(Custom Video) I’m sooooo hungry!! I keep eating but nothing fills me up! I really have no choice… I’m having you for dinner tonight! Can you feel something is happening inside your body? You are becoming smaller and smaller in size. Very soon you will be bite size! I will put you inside my mouth and taste you with my tongue. Don’t worry I’m not gonna use my sharp teeth, I will swallow you whole! You will travel inside my body and I will digest you. You will feed me, give me energy You will travel through my whole body and end up on the other side. You are going to end up as a piece of…poop!

2nd scene: I tell you that your travel in my body finishes soon. I describe what I ate during the last days. I can feel you are about to come out from my asshole. I can’t wait to see what you look like! It’s so funny that you are now a piece of shit!

3rd scene: It’s time to poop yourself out! Can you believe what happened to you! You were a helpless little men and now… after a long travel inside my belly… you just got pooped out! For a piece of shit, I can tell you that you look amazing! Sorry to tell you that I have to flush the toilet now… You will be lost forever. Ooohh you stink so bad!! It was nice eating, digesting and pooping you! Good bye!