Dirty Maryan
Gassy Surprise After Workout
Gassy Surprise After Workout

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I’m doing some stretching and you are looking at me like a perv. I order you to come closer and to lay on the floor. I need to rest on your face! How do you like the smell of my sweaty asshole? Come on, sniff harder!!

You know what? I feel gassy! Don’t fucking move or I’ll crush your balls!! I start farting on your face… it’s so relieving… but it smells so bad!! Haha! I’m laughing so hard cause I know you are crushed under my ass and you are coerced to sniff all those nasty farts!!

I’m gonna go ahead and take my pants off… I make you sniff my ass again. Then I put both my legs on your body. I can feel there is much more air in my belly!! But that’s not all… I feel I might have an accident on your face!! I fart some more before sliding my thong down.

OMG… I feel so gassy and full and everything must come out… on your face, of course!!! What a smelly and tasty brown surprise!!! You like it… it’s so fucking gross! I can’t believe you are turned on by this!! I fart again and make you sniff my ass one last time. You seem to struggle having your mouth full of shit but I have no pity for you! I decide to stand up and leave you alone with this mess I just created!