Dirty Maryan
Gassy and Shitty Merciless Treatment
Gassy and Shitty Merciless Treatment

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I just came back home from the gym and I find you sleeping in the bedroom even though it’s the middle of the afternoon! Well you know what?? I have a surprise for lazy assholes like you!! Get over there so I can rest my sweaty ass on your face, You are complaining but I have absolutely no pity for you! Shut up and sniff!

Of course I start farting on your face! I don’t know why but sitting on your face really helps me relieve all the gas trapped inside of me! Does it smell good? You love those nasty farts? There is a lot more coming so you better be ready! Just calm down and keep sniffing! You love being trapped under my ass!

After smelling a couple of my farts it really seems like all those farts have an effect on you, cause they make you horny! But I want this to be torture for you, not fun! So I have to slap your balls a couple of times so you keep your hands off your dick!

Now stick your tongue out and lick my asshole! Keep smelling my farts!! Oohhh… all that mexican food I ate yesterday as been digested and my shit is making its way out of my ass! There is no need for me to go to the bathroom, cause I’ll make sure you keep your mouth open to welcome everything that has to come out!

But wait... I am not done with you! I sit back on your face and keep crushing your nose. Now your face is full of shit! Keep choking and gasping for air! There is more farts coming!! Those farts are really nasty and I’m laughing so hard!! You just get what you deserve for being a lazy asshole!!

* I counted at least 20 audible farts in the video. The vid was filmed with 2 cameras so you get 2 amazing point of views.