Dirty Maryan
From Fish to Shit Giantess Vore
From Fish to Shit Giantess Vore

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(Custom Clip) I come home and to my surprise I find a fish lying on the floor. I come closer to him and describe in detail what will happen to him: I’ll eat him, digest him and then… I will poop him out! I hold the fish in my hands, smell him and show him the inside my mouth to get him scared! We are gonna have so much fun together!

In the next scene I cook the fish while talking to him and telling him what is gonna happen. After cooking the poor fish I start eating it while teasing him and laughing at him. I take the time to savour and sniff his flesh that is now so tender and juicy. You can see some close-ups of my mouth chewing the fish. I then remind him that he will be transformed into a big turd that will eventually come out my stinky anus !!

In the final scene I am getting ready to po0p the fish out while still laughing at him. I poop the fish out. Then lie next to him, wipe my ass and show him the toilet paper while laughing at him! Nice close up of my poop at the end of the video.

* Episode 2: From Fish to Shit Giantess Vore 2