Dirty Maryan
Feeding my toilet slave
Feeding my toilet slave

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It’s early in the morning and I start my daily routine. I sit on my toilet chair to read my emails on my tablet. Usually I have to shit in the morning. My toilet slave is underneath me and he is ready to welcome everything that will come out from my pee hole and asshole.

I can feel my asshole is full! Some gas came out of my ass (but you can’t hear it) and it smells really bad. I ask my slave to put his nose closer and sniff my farts. I remind him what he has to do: open his mouth wide and be a good toilet!! I start peeing on his face and tell him to swallow everything. I hear him choke with my piss and I laugh at him!

My shit is really close to come out. I start pushing and more pee comes out, my slave’s face is covered with my piss. My asshole opens up. “I’m going to empty my bowels in your wide open mouth!!! It’s coming! Ohhh… It feels so good!!” Shit falls into his mouth. A piece of poop falls next to his face and he takes it with his hand and put it inside his mouth (my slave is well trained!). I laugh at him: “I know you feel so bad! You want to throw up but you have to resist! I like to make you suffer!”

I love to produce nice thick pieces of shit for my human toilet! I wipe my butt and let my dirty toilet paper fall on top of the shit pile that is inside my slave’s mouth. I continue laughing at my miserable slave and I remind him that he is really lucky to be here. “Have to go to work now!” I stand up, tell my slave he has to clean everything and I leave the room, leaving him alone with my shit inside his mouth.

(My slave's face is blurred out but you can see everything going inside his mouth.)