Lady Bunt
Farting ass in front of computer
Farting ass in front of computer

Video-Length: 6m 58s
Video-Resolution: 1920x1080 Pixel
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I was working at my computer (standing desk) and started feeling really gassy so I decided to record this for you. I hate some bean salad and I am really not used to eat beans so my tummy was angry!! I am surprised about how loud those farts are! And they stick so bad! I feel so sick! I really think I am gonna have to go to the toilet soon! I take off my thong at the 1:20 mark cause I am afraid I am going to have an accident and make them dirty! At some point my tummy is making some noise too! Not only I produce loud farts but some wet farts and smaller farts as well!

At the end of the vid you can hear my boyfriend’s alarm. That is when I stopped recording. I didn’t want him to hear all those nasty farts! I went to the toilet and a few minutes later and I emptied my bowels (not in the video).

*I counted 20 audible farts in the video.