Dirty Maryan
Facesitting slave and Shitting in his mouth (French speaking)
Facesitting slave and Shitting in his mouth (French speaking)

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My sub gets to my home late, yet again. I order him to go lay down on the floor immediately. He makes comments about my beauty but I just want him to shut up. I’m sick of his attitude! Once I’ll be finished with him, he will figure out who’s the boss here!

I sit on his face and crush him completely so he can’t breathe. I laugh at his suffering and continue to make him choke with my ass. I see that he is covering his genitals with his hands “You remember what happened last time don’t you ?”.

After a moment I take off my panties and push them inside his mouth. I continue to sit on his face and ask him to sniff my anus as well. “Since you arrived so late I now have the urge to poop … I wonder if you will still love my ass after you’ll see what will come out of it!”

I take back the panties in his mouth so that he can fits everything that will come out from my ass and pee hole in his mouth. I start pissing on his face “Open wide, swallow everything!”. I keep pushing and my shit starts to come out. I ask my slave to open his mouth wide. He must be terrified because he obeys without any hesitation or complaints. Good boy!

Once I am relieved I still laugh at my slave. I slap him in the balls. Then I get up and trample him. He is crushed by all my weight on his body and he has trouble breathing cause he still had my shit in his mouth! I finally decide to leave him alone, ordering him to clean everything before I return, and I leave the scene.