Dirty Maryan
Face sitting Farting and Unexpected Pooping
Face sitting Farting and Unexpected Pooping

Video-Length: 5m 45s
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I just came back from my English class and I have to fart so badly! I enter the room, throw your magazine on the floor and sit on your face. Soon after a very long fart comes out from my asshole!! Ohhh! You like sniffing my ass? Haha!! I fart some more!!

I decide to take off my panties to fart directly on your face. I fart once more. I feel there is a lot more air in my belly so I keep pushing… and to my surprise I poop on my slave’s face!! What a nice surprise for you!!! It really had to come out! I feel so relieved!

Well… It’s your job to take care of this! It’s not my fucking problem! Clean everything! Haha!!

*5 audible farts in the video. French and English speaking video with English subtitles.