Dirty Maryan

Custom Videos

Please take the time to read everything below to learn more about my custom videos. You can send me your request on my website.

Always message me before to pay for your video. We both have to agree on the content and price of your request before you send the payment.


✉️ Send me your Custom Video request

Message me and make sure you include all the information below in your message (everything that is applicable to your request):

– Desired Clip Length:

– Details of your custom request: what you want me to do, details of your scenario (Please include as much details as possible to make sure I can recreate what you have in mind):

– Specific words or phrases you would like included:

– Specific accessories or type or clothing you would like included:

– Other requests (camera angle, body position, etc.):

– Do you wish your name used in the clip?:

– Do you wish this video to be exclusive?:


➲ Minimum per minute rate for a custom video***:

– $10/min for custom video with no name included

– $15/min for custom video with your name included

– Minimum $20/min if you want the video to be exclusive (not-resold)

– Minimum cost for a custom clip is $50, even if you want a 2 minutes clip

***Prices are not negotiable. I reserve the right to ask for more depending on the nature/complexity of your request.

⚠️ Things that might require extra cost:

– Long and/or complicated script

– Specific accessories, food or clothing I would have to purchase for your video

– If I have to destroy an item or make it unusable

– If the scene requires a lot of cleaning after filming is done

– etc



– Pooping videos with or without scenario (Efro, JOI, humiliation, roleplay, toilet slavery, etc. Please note I prefer being neutral or Dominant in my videos and I do not enjoy playing a submissive role.)

– Pants/Panties/Pantyhose pooping

– Video with a Toilet slave (slave has to wear a mask OR I will blur his face when he is recognizable)

– Video with a partner/slave: pooping on his face/body, facesitting, ass licking, trampling, golden shower, etc

– Smearing: only on my feet. (Extra fee) Please note my poop is usually hard and difficult to smear.

– Period videos

– Peeing videos

– Farting videos

– Diaper videos

– Vore / Giantess videos

– Foot Fetish: I have long and slender size 11 feet. I can make videos involving foot fetish

– French speaking video (my first language is French)

*** Please note I don't accept every custom video request. I prefer working with a simple request/idea. A little bit of history: I used to do poop videos every single time I pooped in the past (which was not often since because of my diet I usually poop between 2 to 4 times a week) and over time it made me become very stressed about pooping and I became severely constipated. Pooping became very painful to me and it was like giving birth. In other words it was affecting my health. I had to take a break from making poop videos. I started making poop videos again but not as regularly. Pooping should be fun and relieving, not a stressful experience. I have to think about my health first. So if you send me a very detailed and complicated scenario with many camera angles, I will refuse your request. Keep it simple! ***

⛔ My LIMITS / What I will NOT DO in my videos:

– Full nudity during all the video: because my vids get pirated too much, I am no longer confortable doing full nudity in my scat videos. Partial/brief nudity might be ok, let me know what is your idea.

– Eating my poop or putting it in my mouth

– Smearing on my body parts other than my feet

– Masturbation, Anal or vaginal penetration with toy, dildo or big object (I might agree doing videos with small anal plug, anal beads or one finger in ass if it's not the main focus of the video - Extra fee)

– Couple stuff: No sex videos, no blow jobs, no hand jobs, etc. I will not perform sexual acts on a male.

– My limits with my toilet slave: No feeding, no extreme torture, no smearing on his body, no period stuff

– Public pooping, Public bathroom

– Vomiting


​⏰ Delivery time:

– 14 days or less for simple request (no scenario or simple scenario). Keep in mind that I might have to fulfill other custom requests before yours. I don't poop everyday (usually between 2 to 4 times a week), and I am not always in a position to film myself when I have to poop, that means my possibilities to make videos are limited.

– At least 14 days for more complicated requests (longer scenario, etc.) 

– If you would like faster delivery, specify in the form below and I will let you know if it's possible. You will have to pay an extra fee.


? How to pay for your custom video:

– Always make sure I agreed to make your custom before sending payment

– To pay for your custom, use the Tribute section of my website